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The Associated Students of The University of Arizona South (ASUAS) works to enhance the quality of student life at UA South through academics, activities, community involvement, clubs and organizations, service, and advocating for students. The executive board represents the student voice in the discussions and decisions that shape all aspects of Wildcat life at UA South, both academically and socially.

The University of Arizona South Student Government exists to foster and enhance communications between the student body and the University community; to provide a forum for discussing and defining the role of students in the University; to represent and advocate their concerns within the University community and statewide; to serve as a resource for student inquiries and requests; to advise and make recommendations on existing and proposed University policies and procedures.

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President: Brianne Quintero

Hello! My name is Brianne Quintero and I am a Junior Majoring in Government and Public Service (Minoring in History). I am located in Sierra Vista and have lived and worked here for the past ten years. I have worked on Fort Huachuca for over a decade on defense and military contracts, particularly in documentation, process creation, and analysis. My goal is to someday attend law school and potentially work in immigration law to further help and support my community. I have two daughters and a husband who perpetually makes my dreams and ambitions a reality. I am committed to my community and to my fellow students and I hope to strengthen student-faculty relationships as well as engage with the needs of each of our campuses. In particular, I hope to provide a voice for students during this period of transition from UofA South to the College of Applied Sciences and Technology to ensure students remain informed and connected.

Executive Vice President: Shantal Hernandez

In pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Network Administration, with an emphasis on digital forensics. In 2018, I graduated from Mesa Community College (MCC) with an Associates in both Arts and Applied Science with an emphasis in Network Administration. While attending MCC, I gained valuable experience in student leadership as the former VP of The Cyber Security Club, and founder of the NAMI on-campus club. I was honored to have been one out of the selected few to attend The National Collegiate Leadership Conference (NCLC) where I completed a service-learning project. Throughout my academic journey, I learned the impotence of student government and student leadership roles within a university community. With that said I vow to serve as a resource for student inquiries and request; to advise and make recommendations on existing and proposed university policies and procedures. Also, as the EVP it is my duty to serve as the chief spokesman for all campus clubs, student organizations and social events.

Administrative Vice President: Jordan Iler

My name is Jordan Idler and I am a student in the Cyber Operations program here at the University of Arizona College of Applied Science and Technology. I am located in Tucson, Arizona, and attend classes at the UA @ Pima Community College East distance campus. I grew up in a little town next to Tucson named Marana, where I attended Marana High School. After graduating I went to Pima Community College with the plans of transferring to the University of Arizona. My industry knowledge consists of marketing and event planning for the local government, LMS management, and I.T. consulting. I currently work remotely part time while attending school full time. I am excited to work with fellow students and faculty during this period of transition, and will work hard to advance the growth of our distance campus community. 

Treasurer: TBD


Administrative Assistant: Nathan Acosta

My name is Nathan Acosta. I am an Undergraduate Student majoring in Computer Science and a minor in Informatics and working on getting a certificate in cyber security. I have a passion for computers and new developing technologies. My goal is to eventually become a Software Developer or a Security Contractor once I graduate. I believe that the Student Government is a powerful platform for student voices to be heard and understood. I will work alongside the other members of this team to make sure that happens.