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Secondary Education

Length of Program:
2 Years at Sierra Vista

Degree: Master of Education

The M.Ed. in Secondary Education offers a pathway for students with a Bachelor's degree - as a member of a robust learning community, you learn to teach by doing it! The award-winning M.Ed. program in Secondary Education at the University of Arizona Sierra Vista is committed to preparing teachers with the dispositions and skills to work for middle and high school students in Arizona border schools. Our context-specific focus on preparing teachers for the borderlands of Arizona involves developing in candidates an appreciation for their students' and their own racial/ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic status. Thus, critical analyses of the emerging teachers’ sociocultural, sociopolitical, and socioeconomic positionality are central for those in the M.Ed. program. In addition, interrogations of power in school settings occur across the M.Ed. curriculum. This work is accomplished by knitting together clinical experience in partner schools with carefully crafted coursework. New teacher learning is supported by a robust professional learning community of peer learners and teacher leaders in our partner schools.