How to Apply - Graduate


Step 1 - Contact Graduate Program Coordinator

Schedule an appointment with your Graduate Program Coordinator to discuss the program and initiate the Application Process

Elizabeth Urias
Phone: 520-458-8278 ext. 2188

Step 2 - Review Program Requirements

Each graduate program has its own set of requirements in addition to the Graduate College's  minimum requirements . Program requirements can be found by clicking the link to your program of interest below.

M.Ed. Teach Arizona

Step 3 – Apply for Admission

Applying for admission is easy through our GradApp graduate admission application. If you encounter any issues applying on GradApp , please contact the Graduate College at or (520) 621-3471 .

Step 4 - Submit All Official Transcripts

Once you have been approved but before you have registered for classes, you must submit official copies of transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities to the Graduate College . Students whose names have changed should ensure their current name is included on all transcripts.