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Nathan Acosta

Degree: Computer Science, Bachelor of Science

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Stacee Windom

Government and Public Service, Bachelor of Arts

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Ilse Severse

English, Bachelor of Arts

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Enjoy the benefits of a University of Arizona experience in Sierra Vista, AZ! 

As a part of the University of Arizona Sierra Vista campus, you’ll not only be joining the vast and celebrated University of Arizona Wildcat family, but are joining a local, student-centered learning environment focused on your individual success.

As University of Arizona’s branch campus, we extend the University’s educational mission to the region, providing affordable, accessible opportunities to earn high-quality and meaningful University of Arizona degrees. We partner with Cochise College to offer bachelor degrees that are high quality and geographically accessible. In addition to traditional degree programs in education, computer science, humanities and the social sciences, the Sierra Vista campus offers Bachelor of Applied Science programs, Master’s programs in education, and a variety of continuing education programs designed to meet the workforce needs of regional industry. Connected with the needs of industry and education in Sierra Vista for over 50 years, we offer tailored programs to serve the local community and working students of all ages.

Innovative teaching technologies allow you to earn a high quality, respected University of Arizona degree program, without having to travel to Tucson.

By expanding your knowledge and skill-set to achieve a career that directly impacts your community, you’d be joining the ranks of other Wildcats across the State of Arizona who are successfully flourishing in their chosen career.

Student Life

Life as a higher education student is full of opportunities for growth and recreation. Don't miss out on all that you have outside of class! Being a college student can be stressful. Here at your local University of Arizona campuses, it is all about redefining you, and we want you to have the best college experience you can. Once you have been admitted, you are a member of ASUAS, and as a member you get to decide where your tuition dollars go and how you can best be served. You can do this by joining or starting a club, sitting on the Student Services Fees committee, or being a part of Student Government.

There are tons of things going on at your campus. Along with traditional activities, Student Government hosts special events in conjunction with the different communities that University of Arizona resides in. ASUAS has many early traditions such as the Dean’s Dinner, Graduation Fairs, orientations, Homecoming Tailgate, and much more. There will always be a place where your talents are needed.

Student Organizations

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